Enhancing Live Chat Solutions with Conversational AI

Enhancing Live Chat Solutions with Conversational AI

By 2022, about 85% of businesses are expected to opt for live chat support. - Software Advice

Many organisations provide customers with the option to connect with their customer service teams via Live Chat. Live chat services offer customers more convenience than traditional channels, can result in shorter waiting times, and help agents to resolve customer queries more quickly once they are handed over.

Whilst live chat channels can be very effective, they do not reduce the volume of queries needing to be handled by contact centre teams, further impacting wait times for customers and adding to potential frustration. Additionally, often Live chat channels are only available during set opening times, outside of these hours’ customers are required to get back in touch or resort to more traditional channels to find out what they need.

So, the question is how do organisations expand the capabilities of their Live chat solution to deliver not only reduce the pressure on contact centre and support teams but also exceptional customer experiences?

Conversational AI Assistants help to enhance Live Chat solutions by providing customers with the ability to find information, resolve queries and even perform tasks 24/7 across multiple communication channels. This not only helps to improve customer experiences but also helps to deflect a greater number of queries from contact centre teams, freeing them up to focus on higher priority and more sensitive issues. 

The average handle time for a chat request is 6 minutes and 5 seconds - Super Office

Conversational Assistants, such as Humley’s, sit in front of existing live chat solutions, acting as the first point of contact for customers. Assistants utilise the best-of-breed AI technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning and can understand the true meaning and intent of queries to deliver more meaningful and engaging responses to customers. 

Additionally, integrations within Assistants to internal systems such as CRM’s and RPA processes means that they can also help customers perform tasks and securely retrieve information such as the location of orders or updating personal details. This combination of Intelligent Automation technologies enables enhanced self-service for customers significantly improving satisfaction and on average delivering a 53% containment rate from service teams. 

60% of customers want a quick reaction from support to their inquiry. - HubSpot

If a customer requests to speak with an agent during the conversation or if it is required as part of an experience, Assistants can hand it over to the contact centre team via a secure API integration in seconds. The Assistant will provide a summary of the interaction and any details to help quickly resolve the query once it has been handover, ensuring a consistent level of service. 


Through combing live chat channels with Conversational Assistants and other automation technologies such as RPA, organisations can deliver improved customer experiences through on-demand support and actionability. Additionally, the solution enables contact centre teams to manage inbound volumes more effectively, regardless of surges – delivering not only improved resolution rates but also reduced cost to serve. 

If you would like to find out more about how to enhance your live chat solution with Conversational AI, get in touch today.

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