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Extending the Value of UiPath RPA with Conversational Assistants

Delivering More Engaging & User-Friendly Experiences Through Connecting Front & Back-Office Processes 

The combination of Humley’s Conversational AI and UiPath’s RPA bots means that organisations can be truly transformative across a wider variety of internal processes such as IT, HR, Customer Service, and Sales. The solution enables businesses to achieve not only significant operational efficiencies but also improves employee and customer experience

“Humley has demonstrated how a virtual assistant can be deployed to support RPA management and build Voice or Chat User Interfaces which will help customers innovate in regards to the ‘how and where’ they access robotic process automation. What we like about Humley is that it works with other leading technologies such as IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services.”

Boris Krumrey, Global VP Automation Innovations, UiPath

Transform your Business Processes

Humley & UiPath’s solution enables customers to handle more complex and real-time human requests and queries at scale. Trigger RPA to perform specific mundane tasks without routing them to a human agent.

Human Resources

Enhance employee experience & free up HR experts to focus on higher-value tasks with a 24/7 Digital Assistant.

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Training
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Admin Support
  • Offboarding

IT Helpdesk Assistant

Provide employees, customers, and suppliers with on-demand support and information.

  • Create and log a ticket/incident
  • Check the status of tickets/incidents
  • Raise a service request
  • Check the status of a service request
  • Request software access & create an SFDC request
  • Reset passwords
  • Create virtual machines
  • Request VM documentation

Customer Service

Reduce call volumes and waiting times, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Complaints
  • FAQs
  • Claims
  • Applications
  • Deliveries & Order Management


Improve access to and adoption in Intelligent Automation through deploying an easy to use Conversational Assistant.

  • General Queries & FAQs
  • Employee Support
  • Discovery Bot
  • Knowledge Base & Guidance
  • Task Orchestration

Provide Easy Access to Your RPA Processes

The combination of RPA with Conversational AI Assistants enables non-technical teams, such as HR, to orchestrate and make amendments to RPA processes, without ever needing to access development platforms quickly and easily. 

Reducing the demands on IT and CoE teams, ensuring that problem resolution and optimisation are delivered rapidly, and significantly improving adoption and scale across a business. 

Benefits Delivered to UiPath Customers

Increased Productivity

Average 30% time saving for operational teams through streamlining the handling of up to 80% of inbound requests and communications.

Increased Adoption & Scalability

Actively engage users and increase adoption by enabling them to easily action RPA processes in a language they understand and remove the need for coding.

Improved User Experiences

Average 80% positive customer feedback achieved through providing on-demand support and task orchestration in the channels they actually use.

Rapid Deployment with Humley Recipes

300% faster to deploy and more user friendly than other chatbot providers in the market

Humley Recipes are pre-built Conversational Assistants for specific use cases (HR, customer support, IT Helpdesks, Pensions, and many more), capable of deployment in a few clicks. 

Each Recipe comes ready to use with 100’s of industry or department-specific user journeys, knowledgebases, and integrations UiPath bots and processes.

Recipes can be easily personalised and managed by subject matter experts in Humley Studio, with no need to learn coding, reducing the reliance on IT and Development teams accelerating time to deployment.

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