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Conversational AI Assistants
for Government & Local Authorities

Deliver exceptional services to the public and improve internal processes.

Conversational AI enables Government and Local Authorities to keep the public better engaged and informed through access to a wider variety of services via a 24/7 multi-channel platform (web, mobile and voice).

Humley’s solution automates the handling of inbound public and employee communications, request and tasks, reducing call volumes, waiting times and paper-based processes.

Through deploying best of breed AI technology, including Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), it can understand and engage in natural conversations to deliver meaningful outcomes in seconds. Improving experience and delivering significant productivity and efficiency gains.

Conversational AI for Governments

Benefits Achieved with Conversational Assistants

Improved Customer Satisfaction

80% positive customer feedback achieved. The improved service and customer insight lead to better experiences and greater loyalty.

Improved Compliance & Visibility of Data

Automatic ingestion of FAQs and policy documents means employees and customers have greater awareness, reduction in error rates and compliance across the organisation.

Increased Productivity & Cost Savings

30% average time saving. Increase employee & agent productivity and cost to serve. 

Ready to Deploy solutions for the Public Sector

Citizen Support

Humley’s Conversational Assistant enables the public to access the information they need when they need. From simple FAQs and facility opening times to booking meetings and making claims and applications, the Digital Assistant can automate the processing of these requests and provide meaningful and consistent outcomes in seconds.

This not only improves the user experience through reducing the need to navigate complex websites and documents, but also minimises long call waiting times and frees up employees to focus on complex and more sensitive requests.

Citizen Support

Live Agent Support

Reduce the pressure on contact centres by providing agents with a single point of reference for all customer information. Reduce call volumes and waiting time, speed up case resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

Supplier Onboarding

With Humley’s Conversational AI Assistant the process of onboarding new suppliers can be streamlined through deploying a digital platform which enables employees to update, manage and track new supplier onboarding processes. This significantly reduces the time needed to onboard new suppliers, improves relationships and ensures that services are delivered on time and to budget.


Employee Support

Free up your employees to focus on resolving more complex customer issues and delivering value, through automating time consuming and repetitive administrative tasks such as IT and HR support, onboarding, training, and managing company documentation and policies.

What makes Humley Different?

Our solution’s combination of automated setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers and GUI based, easy to use configuration tools, means that insurers are able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective.

Rapid Deployment

300% faster to deploy than leading chatbots. 

Our intelligent AI-powered Octavo solution automates training and document ingestion so that you can provide complex conversational experiences, without the manual labour.

Ease of Use

60 minutes to set up a use case. 

Our straightforward tooling allows your experts to build,
integrate, test and refine experiences quickly and easily, no coding or technical
expertise required.



30 integrations out of the box.

All the system and service integrations you would need available out of the box, including existing AI, RPA, and CRM applications. All seamlessly managed end to end in the Humley platform.

Prebuilt User Interactions

A wide variety of common employee and user interactions pre-built within the platform – ready to use or customise.

Enhanced Conversations

Our platform understands a far broader range of linguistic and emotional context, enabling it to engage with users in more complex ways, that seem more natural than the tightly scripted and rigid delivery of traditional Chatbots.



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