RPAi and Humley Partner to Deliver Transformational RPA & AI Solutions

Humley a UK-based Conversational AI software provider and Robotic Process Automation Implementation Inc. (RPAi), a leading RPA consultancy and implementation provider focused on North America, today announced their strategic partnership. 


The partnership combines Humley’s innovative Conversational AI technology and RPAi’s extensive expertise and low-risk RPA implementation methodology, to expand the scope of work that software Robots can perform. The addition of Conversational AI to RPA enables businesses to achieve end-to-end process automation by enabling software Robots to converse with humans to obtain human input for clarification and judgement type decisions and improve customer, employee and supplier support.


RPAi and Humley’s solution can be deployed to support and deliver efficiencies across a broad range of business functions including IT, HR, Sales, Finance, Operations and Customer Support. 

How the Solution Works

Humley’s platform automates the processing of repetitive customer, employee, and supplier requests and communications in real-time, over multiple channels (web, voice, and mobile). Humley’s Assistant provides a prebuilt, no code integration to the leading RPA vendors (Blue Prism, UiPath, etc.) to retrieve information for response enrichment, provide data for upload, updates into business systems, and can be used to trigger further automation activity such as travel bookings or approvals as well as providing general user support and FAQ’s. 

Not only does this improve the end-user experience by providing them with a single point of access for all their information and queries but also provides actionability by enabling them to perform tasks. Helping organisations to eliminate manually intensive and repetitive processes and data entry – saving time, improving productivity, and freeing up people to focus on higher value and more rewarding work. 


The Conversational Assistant can even be used by organisations to initiate and orchestrate RPA processes on-demand, 24/7, enabling users to interact and understand Robots in a common language, making them more accessible and increasing adoption and scalability across organisations.

Through combining Conversational AI with RPA, organisations can deliver true digital transformation at scale, through enabling the connection of front and back-end processes. In doing so businesses can reap the benefits of automation much more effectively and quickly helping to ensure growth and success

Out of the box, software Robots can perform about 30% of the processing work currently being performed by humans. Utilizing Humley and other adjacent AI services, these software Robots effectively expand their skill sets and perform an ever greater scope of work, with correspondingly high return on investment.

About Humley's Solution

Founded in 2017, Humley provides a platform for rapidly deploying conversational interfaces for enterprise businesses across a wide variety of functions including Sales and Services, HR, Finance, and IT.

Humley enables enterprises to generate operational efficiencies and improve employee and customer experiences through the provision of a 24/7 AI-powered Conversational Assistant. Humley’s platform is powerful and yet so easy to use that it can support a broad range of needs, from simpler, FAQ-type chatbots, to complex multi-function and multi-channel enterprise Conversational Assistants.

Our solution’s combination of automated and no-code setup, orchestration of best of breed AI providers, and GUI-based, easy to use configuration tools, means that you will be able to deploy and manage AI assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost effective. By using Humley’s technology, companies can better understand their customers and employees and as a result, provide useful outcomes and provide answers to questions at the first time of asking, nearly every time.

About RPAi’s Services

RPAi is solely focused on helping our customers hire, train, manage and enhance their software Robot workforce. Recognized as a leading pureplay RPA implementation company, we are partnered with leading RPA software vendors and  AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, and other adjacent services that enable our customer’s software Robots to expand the scope of work they can perform.

We help organizations of all sizes in North America formulate their Robotics strategy, choose the best fit technology, configure and train their Robots and leverage their new Robotics capability to provide more innovative products and customer service.

Our RPA experts cover Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, and Utility verticals as well as finance and accounting and HR groups across all other industries.


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