Happy Burns Night

Happy Burns Night!

At Humley we would like to wish everyone in Scotland and further abroad a Happy Burns Night.

Burns Night on the surface is a celebration of renowned and beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns, however, more importantly, is a celebration of Scottish Culture.

Stereotypically, and for many tourists, this means tartan and haggis, but the culture of Scotland is much more than this, with the country and its people playing a significant role in the innovation and technological advancement of the world as we know it. With inventions such as the bicycle, steam engine, and the telephone (fundamental to the modern world we know) heralding from the country. 

Scotland’s role in innovation is as strong as ever, and it now has a thriving community of organisations that are leading the way in the Digital Transformation revolution. One such notable business is our partner, VKY Intelligent Automation (https://vkyautomation.com/) which provides RPA and AI technology-led services and solutions.

VKY are the first Scottish-based company to be both UiPath and Automation Anywhere credited partners. Humley’s partnership with them brings together Conversational AI with RPA to improve customer experiences and help to deliver significant efficiencies to businesses. 

The combination of Conversational AI and RPA is a powerful one, enabling businesses to enhance customer satisfaction through providing on-demand support and information but also actionability through enabling users to perform tasks. This delivers improved self-service and reduces the pressure on internal teams through automatically handling incoming requests and associated processes – freeing them up to focus on higher priority and critical issues. 

If you would like to find out more about the partnership and the benefits conversational ai and RPA can deliver, get in touch today.

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