Agent Assistant on Blue Prism Digital Exchange

Humley Launches Agent Assistant on Blue Prism's Digital Exchange

Humley has been a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) of Blue Prism since 2021 and has been working with the leading RPA provider to develop transformative solutions for businesses by combining the power of Conversational AI Assistants, chatbots and Digital Workers. Through deploying these technologies, businesses can streamline their front and back-office processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Agent Assistant, the latest conversational AI solution to be launched by Humley on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange.  This innovative tool empowers contact centre agents with on-demand information and actionability during live customer calls. With Agent Assistant, contact centres can significantly reduce average call handling times (AHT) and first-time resolution rates, while improving customer satisfaction.

Agent Assistant is an intuitive communication tool that agents can access through internal channels like Slack, CRMs, and sales systems, as well as standalone applications. It’s powered by state-of-the-art AI and ML technologies that enable agents to submit queries from customers and receive a range of responses, from call scripts and decision trees to personalized information and general FAQs. Plus, with Humley’s latest feature, Think, businesses can automatically create FAQs and experiences using generative AI and GPT models, making all existing knowledge sources easily accessible to agents.

The Agent Assistant also provides the ability for agents to trigger and complete processes through the solution’s pre-built integrations with Blue Prism’s Digital Workers. This increases time savings and customer satisfaction, by enabling agents to perform tasks such as submitting applications, onboarding, and checking on statuses within one tool rather than multiple applications. The Agent Assistant guides the agent through a series of questions to gather information from the caller, securely passing this to Digital Workers to perform lookups, validation and enact the relevant process, relaying updates, and next steps back to the Agent Assistant for the agent to communicate to the customer.

For one UK organisation deploying the combination of Humley’s Agent Assistant and RPA bots, meant that they could reduce their AHT by up to 60%, deliver a significant improvement in NPS and increase support delivered to its vulnerable customers. The business was also able to reduce its time to competency for new agents by months, ensuring a consistent customer experience regardless of the lifecycle stage of the agent.

In addition to the efficiency and experience benefits delivered by the Agent Assistant, the solution also enables businesses to gain greater insights into both customer demand and agent satisfaction through custom reporting and dashboards. Through Humley’s optimisation process, which supports any Agent Assistant deployment, customers can also identify additional training needs for agents and areas for further automation – ensuring that the solution is always delivering ROI and evolving with an organisation and their customer’s needs.

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Agent Assistant is easy to build and deploy and has been designed with subject matter experts in mind. This means the tooling doesn’t require any previous knowledge of building Conversational Assistants or coding, with pre-built integrations, channels, and automated set-up and training – leading to faster time to launch and ROI.

If you are interested in finding out more about Agent Assistant and how it could support agents within your contact centre, visit the Digital Exchange here:  Or get in touch to book a call at

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