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Introducing Humley HR AI Assistant

Humley today have announced the launch of their HR Conversational AI Assistant. Humley’s HR Assistant enables People Teams to deliver significant efficiencies and improved employee satisfaction through delivering quick and meaningful responses.

‍Humley’s HR Assistant enables People Teams to focus on the tasks that really matter, delivering strategic business value through automating repetitive and manually intensive tasks involved with processing communications and giving employees instant access to all the information they need in the channels they use, 24/7 regardless of location or time zone.

‍Humley recognises that HR teams are under increasing pressure to ensure employees remain connected, informed and complaint, particularly in these challenging times. This significant responsibility becomes trickier when a large proportion of the HR Team’s day is spent responding to the plethora of receptive admin requests received from employees – leading to wasted time and negatively impacting morale.

Humley Digital HR Assistant in action

Humley’s platform has, therefore, been developed with People Teams in mind and enables them to achieve a 20 – 30% time saving within days of deployment, freeing them up to focus on delivering true business value.

‍The platform is integrated with 90% of the leading HR software providers and comes preconfigured with all the most common employee HR interactions, from annual leave requests to onboarding, as well as supporting information retrieval and a whole host of other activity automation such as booking meetings and triggering notifications.

‍This in combination with Humley’s automated no code set up and easy ingestion of HR manuals means that HR Assistant is not only quick to deploy, but also can automate 80% of employee questions, HR tasks and processes whilst still providing a natural and personalised experience – significantly improving productivity and satisfaction.

‍A selection of HR experiences and tasks included within the platform:

Employee Engagement
HR Administration

Humley’s CEO, Adam Harrold commented about the company’s new solution “Chatbots and Conversational AI have been on organisations radars for some time now, however few companies have deployed them within their internal processes such as HR. Humley’s HR Conversational Assistant enables HR Teams to access the value of Conversational AI – delivering significant efficiencies,  serving employees faster and better and allowing them to focus on what really matters -ensuring a successful future.”

‍If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of deploying a Conversational AI Assistant for your HR Teams, get in touch today set up a 30-day free trial.

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