Rapid deployment of Conversational Assistants with Humley Recipes

Conversational AI technology is on the rise, with many analysts predicting a significant increase in the number of organisations adopting it within the next couple of years. However, to date, one of the challenges facing businesses when it comes to implementing Conversational AI is the time and resources needed to develop and deploy. 


Typically, a Conversational AI project can require months if not years to build, test and deploy to customers. Often this can mean that projects get put on the ‘back burner’, lose momentum or fail to even get past initial exploratory conversations. 

Humley Recipes

With Humley Recipes, we have eliminated this challenge by offering businesses ready to deploy conversational experiences. Humley Recipes are pre-built Conversational Assistants for specific use cases (HR, customer support, IT Helpdesks, Pensions, and many more), capable of deployment in a few clicks. 

Each Recipe comes ready to use with 100’s of industry or department-specific user journeys, knowledgebases, and integrations to leading business systems (ServiceNow, BambooHR, SAP, etc.) as well as RPA providers (UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere). Recipes can be easily personalised and managed by subject matter experts in Humley Studio, with no need to learn coding, reducing the reliance on IT and Development teams accelerating time to deployment. 

Out of the Box Conversational AI Building Blocks

Pre-Built Intents

User queries, requests, and responses specific to the use case.

Pre-Built Entities & Flows

Structured conversations to securely gather and deliver relevant information to users


Pre-built integrations with business systems & RPA providers to support the specific Recipe use case.

All Humley’s Recipes come with our standard suite of functionality and innovative technology, including best-of-breed AI, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Learning. As well as the ability to deploy to a wide variety of communication channels (Web, voice, mobile, instant messenger, social). Additionally, all of our Recipes come with BI Dashboards and reports to enable organisations to monitor user interactions and track key metrics such as satisfaction and types of queries received. 


Humley’s Recipes approach means that our Conversational Assistants are 300% faster to deploy and more user-friendly than other chatbot providers in the market. Resulting in customers being able to deploy transformative Conversational AI solutions within days not months. 

If you would like to find out more about Humley Recipes or how to get started, get in touch today.

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