How Conversational AI is Transforming IT Helpdesks 

The IT department is essential to the smooth day-to-day running of a business. Many departments across an organisation are reliant on these teams to support with tasks such as onboarding new employees and ensuring systems are updated and running efficiently.

However, despite the crucial role that IT teams play, they are faced with increasing pressure largely down to limited resources, conflicting priorities, and the amount of time that helpdesk teams will spend on the phone or answering emails. Distracting them from focusing on high-priority and critical tasks, often resulting in a hefty cost to the business due to IT service failures and downtime. 

With Intelligent Automation solutions, this burden on IT and helpdesk teams can be reduced by enabling greater self-service for employees and customers. As well as enabling the automation of repetitive and manually intensive tasks. Delivering both time savings and increased efficiencies, freeing up teams to focus on those more critical tasks. 

How it Works

Enhanced Self-Service for Employees & Customers

Conversational Assistants provide an on-demand support resource for employees and customers which enables them to submit queries, raise tickets and perform key actions such as requesting permission all within one easy to use tool.

IT Helpdesk Assistants, such as the solution provided by Humley, can be deployed across a wide variety of channels, meaning users can quickly find information in the channels they actually use and provides actionability and responses in seconds.

Additionally, integrations with business systems such as ServiceNow or Workday and RPA bots, mean that Assistants can enable users to perform tasks such as submitting a ticket or requesting a new device easily and without having to log in to systems. This not only improves the time to resolution for users but also boosts productivity by providing them with the access or information they need when they need it.

A Conversational Assistant significantly deflects the number of queries submitted to helpdesk teams and improves experiences.

Example Processes Supported:

Support IT Helpdesk Teams

Conversational Assistants can also be used directly by IT Helpdesk teams, supporting them with a wide variety of tasks such as onboarding a new employee, guiding them through questions to gather information, and securely updating it to systems within seconds. As well as helping them with checking ticket statuses or monitoring outstanding tasks.

This means that IT teams can more easily keep on top of their workload and saves significant time and effort.

If you would like to find out more about how IT Helpdesk Assistants can deliver efficiencies and improved end-user experiences, get in touch today.

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