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The Evolving Role of Digital Transformation for Local Authorities & Governments

Find out more about how intelligent automation is transforming the way in which local authorities and governments operate and deliver citizen services in the wake of the pandemic in Humley’s partner VKY Intelligent Automation’s latest white paper.

How do Energy Providers Deal with the Aftermath of 2021

In their latest white paper, Humley’s partner VKY Intelligent Automation, explore the recent challenges facing the energy and utilities industry and how technology can help them manage and overcome them.  

31% of employees are struggling to balance personal and work life
The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Wellbeing

2020 has been a year like no other, with organisations facing unprecedented challenges and changes to the way they operate because of COVID-19. Yet, it is the individuals within these organisations who have felt the biggest impact on their lives – both professional and personal

2021: Employee Communication Trends

The past year has created numerous challenges for organisations and employees everywhere. As a result of the move to remote working, many businesses have faced the challenge of how to provide their employees with support and information regardless of location.

To find out more about the changes in employee communications, Humley recently surveyed 250 full-time UK employees exploring the challenges they are facing in finding information and how this has impacted their roles.


Reimagining the IT ServiceDesk with Intelligent Automation

In this webinar global digital solutions company Ciklum, an innovative provider of Conversational AI, Humley explore how IT teams can reimagine the service desk with Intelligent Automation and transform their processes.

How Intelligent Automation is Delivering True Omni-Channel Experiences for Customers & Contact Centres

The webinar explores the challenges faced by contact centres in delivering on-demand customer support. As well as how organisations can deploy technology to deliver improved experiences and reduce the pressure on internal teams.

UiPath Ecosystem AI Technology Highlights

Access this webinar to find out more about our Conversational AI Assistant’s integrations with UiPath Robots and how to deploy our solution to support IT Teams with the IT HelpDesk Assistant. 

Revolutionise your employee experiences with Digital HR Assistants

Access our webinar recording to find out how to Conversational AI can help HR teams to improve employee experiences & deliver on-demand support and information, whenever and wherever they need it. 

Brochures & Information

Partnerships Brochure

Humley are committed to delivering excellent relationships and customer outcomes. Achieved through the combination of the rapid deployment of our innovative Conversational AI Platform successful approach to partnerships.

HR Assistant Brochure 2020

Humley’s HR Digital Assistant is a ready to deploy & fully integrated conversational interface for HR Teams, employees and managers.  Enable users to ask questions, make requests and perform tasks on demand, 24/7 across any channel.

Conversational AI for Governments
Conversational AI for the Public Sector

Conversational AI enables Government and Local Authorities to keep the public better engaged and informed through access to a wider variety of services via a 24/7 multi-channel platform (web, mobile and voice).

Enhancing RPA with Conversational AI
Enhancing your RPA Deployment with Conversational AI

In recent years, RPA providers have sought to extend the benefits of their ‘bots’ to front office and people led processes. However, these processes typically deal with unstructured data (often created by humans) and can be difficult to apply pre-determined logic and rules to because of its unpredictable nature. Through deploying their technology in combination with AI technology, these barriers can be overcome.  

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