Transforming Shared Services with Conversational AI Assistants

Shared Service teams are at the heart of an organisation – ensuring the smooth running of a business’s core functions from IT to HR and Finance.

Yet, teams tasked with managing these core functions are often challenged with increasingly repetitive and manually intensive tasks. From data entry to navigate multiple and complex systems to find and action processes. Inhibiting productivity, increasing costs, and negatively impacting not only the operational team but also customers and employee experiences.

Conversational Assistants

80% of inbound communications automated

With a Conversational AI Assistant, these challenges can be overcome by providing your Shared Services teams, employees, and customers with a single point of contact for all information, requests, and processes. Reducing the need for multiple points of contact, emails, and data entry. Delivering significant efficiencies and improving overall user satisfaction

Humley’s Conversational Assistants enable operational teams to focus on the tasks that really matter, delivering strategic business value through automating repetitive and manually intensive tasks, giving employees instant access to all the information and processes they need in the channels they use.

The Assistants are available on-demand 24/7 and come pre-configured with the most common employee, customer, and supplier interactions, as well as supporting information retrieval and a whole host of other activity automation.

Humley’s combination of automated and no-code setup, orchestration of best-of-breed AI providers, and GUI-based, easy-to-use configuration tools, mean that organisations can deploy and manage AI Assistants more quickly, deliver value faster, and be more cost-effective.

By using Humley’s technology, companies can better understand their customers and employees and as a result, provide useful outcomes and answers to questions at the first time of asking, nearly every time.

Benefits Delivered to Shared Service Teams:

Improved Productivity

Average 30% time saving & reduced cost to serve 

Improved Satisfaction

Through immediate response and actionability 

Quality of Data

Increased visibility & accuracy reporting & compliance

Human Resources

Reduce the pressure on HR Teams by automating all of the common HR requests and associated tasks.

Humley’s ready-to-deploy HR solution comes pre-configured with all of the common employee and candidate HR experiences – speeding up response times, improving candidate quality, retention, engagement, and enhancing the employee experience.

Employee Digital Assistant

IT Support

Reduce the pressure on IT Teams by enabling users to resolve their own tech issues and IT Teams to manage processes quickly and seamlessly in a 24/7 conversational interface.

Humley’s platform is powerful and yet so easy to use that it can support a broad range of needs, from simpler FAQ-type chatbots to complex multi-function and multi-channel enterprise Conversational Assistants. Generate significant efficiencies and time savings for IT Teams, whilst increasing employee and customer satisfaction.

Humley Studio - User Friendly Tooling

Finance Teams

Managing an organisation’s finance functions carries a high level of responsibility, however, can be incredibly time-consuming, complex, and manually intensive to perform. Humley’s Conversational Assistants can support a broad range of finance processes and information requests both internally and for external customers and suppliers. Enable users to ask questions about their upcoming invoices, employees to update their payroll information, and even securely gather supplier information for invoicing and perform additional tax code checks.

All of this reduces the amount of manual labour needed to action key finance department tasks, improving productivity and sales cycles, reduces errors, and improves visibility and accuracy of information for compliance and audit.

If you would like to find out more about how Conversational AI can support your shared service processes get in touch today.

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